Weatherproofing and Deck Sealing

When it comes to your deck, weather can be both a friend and a foe. Imagine sipping coffee on a sunny day, but then comes the torrential rain or the harsh sun, wreaking havoc on your beloved outdoor space. Sherman Deck Builders understands this love-hate relationship and steps in with top-notch weatherproofing and sealing solutions.

Why Weatherproofing Is Not A Choice, But A Necessity

A startling 80% of deck repairs stem from damage caused by water and UV rays. While the weather is unpredictable, the protection of your deck doesn’t have to be.

Battling The Elements: The Benefits Of Weatherproofing

Longevity: Shielding your deck from rain, snow, and the sun ensures it stays robust and looks new for years.

Cost-Efficiency: Regular maintenance, including sealing and weatherproofing, can save homeowners thousands in potential repair or replacement costs.

Aesthetics: No one likes the sight of a faded, warped, or water-damaged deck. Protecting it maintains its beauty.

Sealing: The Protective Shield

Why Seal?: Wooden decks are porous. Sealing fills these pores, preventing water seepage and UV damage.

Frequency: While the quality of the sealant matters, it’s generally advised to reseal your deck every 2-3 years.

Professional Touch: DIY is a popular route, but professional sealing ensures even coverage and longer-lasting protection. No matter if your residential or a commercial property.

Why Choose Sherman Deck Builders For Weatherproofing?

Expertise in Every Drop: We have a keen understanding of weather patterns in our region, equipping us with the knowledge of the best materials and techniques for your deck.

Top-Notch Materials: We only use the highest quality sealants and weatherproofing products that withstand both time and elements.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied. We ensure thorough application and cleanup, leaving your deck ready for any weather.

Steps To A Weather-Resistant Deck

  1. Assessment: We inspect your deck for existing damages or vulnerabilities. This helps us understand the best protection approach.
  2. Cleaning: Before any treatment, a deep clean is essential. We remove all debris, ensuring the sealant adheres properly.
  3. Sealing & Weatherproofing: With precision and care, we apply the sealant. Our goal is to give your deck a uniform, protective shield.
  4. Post-Care Guidance: We equip you with knowledge on maintaining the seal and tips to maximize your deck’s lifespan.

Preserving Beauty And Functionality

Weatherproofing and sealing are more than just maintenance tasks. They are investments in the longevity, beauty, and functionality of your deck. The benefits go beyond aesthetics, impacting the very structure and safety of your outdoor space.

Deck Ready For All Seasons?

Sherman Deck Builders is your partner in ensuring your deck is ready, come rain or shine. Our expertise, combined with unparalleled service, makes us the go-to choice for many homeowners. Don’t let the weather wear down your deck. Give it the protection it deserves. Contact us today, and let’s gear up your deck to face any element head-on!